Beech-Bike – Bike rental

3533 Miskolc, u organization. 45.
Beech Bed and Breakfast – Miskolc yard.

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During a weekend or a few days of relaxation, you can’t walk around with everything, what you want. At least not on foot!
If you want to see more of our city, you want to get to know more beautiful places, then you have to get into a saddle.
It's not just speed that matters. Cycling is good exercise, community experience, opportunity, so that we can be together, with, with whom we love. Being with family, with friends, with our love, or just with ourselves.
At such times, we view the world around us completely differently, like from the window of a rushing car, taking time off from nature and ourselves.

  • If you visit Miskolc, you don't need home bikes, you don’t have to bother with fitting the bike rack!
  • 2020-We are waiting for cycling enthusiasts with an expanded and renewed bicycle rental stock.
  • Different frame sizes and types, modern, among our safe bikes, everyone can find the one that suits their needs
  • The bikes will be handed over with the obligatory equipment. We can also provide a child seat.
  • Car parking.

Further information, appointments : 06-70-338-8055

price list

1 hour1 000 Ft
4 hour (half day)2 000 Ft
1 nap2 500 Ft
2 nap4 500 Ft
caution money5 000 USD / bike

Prices include mandatory equipment!

We provide a significant discount for our guests who book accommodation with us!