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The website address: http://bukkpanzio.eu

What are your personal data, which is collected and for what purpose they are collected


When submitting comments will be collected than those specified in the application form to the posting on the IP address and browser identification string in order to filter out unwanted content.

A depersonalised, produced a string of e-mail title (Hash is usually called) It will be transferred to the Gravatar service, if it is being used on the site. Terms of Service Gravatar considered at the following address: https://automattic.com/privacy/. Upon acceptance of the posts, The content and profile picture of the comment of our displayed publicly.


If you are a registered user pictures uploaded by the website, Avoid the EXIF ​​in a, GPS position data which also included. The website visitors can download these and extract the location information to pictures on the website.

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If you give a comment on your website, stay logged in to the specified name, e-mail and web address-ed by storing a cookie. The storage is provided for your convenience only, the following comment when they do not have to fill in the data fields. These cookies for the maturity of 1 year.

If you have a user account and you're logged in to the homepage, we'll set temporary cookies, in the interest of, to determine, that the browser accepts cookies. These cookies do not contain any personal information, and deleted, as you close the browser.

log on to the web site creating more cookies, which will save the login information and the editing interface display options. The login cookie valid for two days, Storage options for the editor interface display cake for a year. If the “remember me” select this item, Check-in will continue for two weeks. Upon check-out are removed from the sign-in cookies.

If you are editing posts or pages, storing a new cookie in your browser. This cookie does not contain personal data, Simply store only the identification number of entries, which was constructed. the validity expires after one day.

embedded content from other sites

The website is available entries embedded content from external sources (pl. videos, pictures, articles etc.) can use. Embedded content from external sources behave exactly, as if we had visited another website.

These sites possible, to collect data about visitors, cookies or using third-party tracking code, monitor user behavior on embedded content, if you have a user account and are logged into the site.


With whom you share user information

How long will we keep your personal data

When you speak to, the Post and its metadata in the system remain undetermined period of time. its purpose, Any comment that all subsequent become megismertté and approved by, that should not be on the list to moderate comments.

Registered users of the site (if any) personal data are stored in their own user profiles. All users can see, You can edit or delete your personal data at any time (except, that you can not change your user name). The website administrator can also view and edit this information.

What rights the user has a connection with their own data

When you burn a registered account on the website or sending comments to the personal data in the export file request, containing any data, previously made available to the user. also request, to delete any previously entered personal data. This does not apply to the data, by administration, We maintain mandatory legal or security reasons.

Where the data is transmitted

The comments submitted by visitors to check your spam filter automatically Service.

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