The purpose of the Regulations

The purpose of these regulations, this guest house (operator: Váribel Kft., 3533 Miskolc, organization street 43. tax number: 14333585-2-05, record number: 05-09-015712) Recording data protection and management policy, taking into account data protection and privacy principles laid down in the Act, whereby the operator, (in the following:provider) During the use of all the facilities to ensure moral rights of stakeholders, the right to personal data in particular with respect to the protection of the automatic processing of personal data keeping stakeholders, or in management.

1. Definitions

1.1. Data Manager: any natural or legal person, or organization without legal personality, who determines the purpose of managing the data independently or jointly with others, data management (including used items) take and implement decisions on, or enforce the data processor.

1.2. Data handling: regardless of the method employed in any operation or set of operations carried out on the data from all, in particular collection, Record, recording, Organize, storing, Change, use of, Querying, forwarding, disclosure, coordination or link, Lock, deletion or destruction, and to prevent further use of the data, photo-, hang- Creating or recording.

1.3. Personal data: data associated with the data subject - especially the name in question, identifying mark, and one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, social or cultural characteristics of the same knowledge -, and deductible from the data, Conclusions concerning him.

1.4. Contribution: the will of the volunteers involved and determined expression, based on an informed, and which gives an unambiguous consent of the relevant personal data- full or covering certain operations - management.

1.5. Data processing: technical tasks related to data processing operations, regardless of the methods or means employed to perform the operation, the place of application, provided that the technical tasks performed on the data.

1.6. data Processing: any natural or legal person, or organization without legal personality, who is under contract - including concluded under the provisions of the act is a contract - is processing data.

1.7. Affected: any specified, or identified on the basis of personal data - directly or indirectly - identifiable natural person.

2. The exact description of data management

Company name: Váribel Ltd..
Headquarter: 3533 Miskolc, organization street 43.
tax number: 14333585-2-05
Record number: 05-09-015712
The client, In the treatment of personal data of Guest Service complies with the information on the right to self-determination 2011. Act CXII. provisions of law.

A 2011. Act CXII. law 65. § (3) a) It does not lead to a register within the meaning of the Data Protection Authority about the Privacy Notice, that the) the controller employed, membership terms, to take part in pre-school education, student or student contractual relationship, student relationship or membership - financial institutions, utilities, with the exception of electronic communications services customers - applies to data on persons in relation to customer.

The client, Guest is entitled to block the data handling at all times.

3. entitled to inspect the data natural and legal persons, data processing:

The data is the data controller and its staff are entitled to know, the data is not published, do not disclose to third parties. Other data processing Name:
Bt New Video. Headquarter: 3397 Maklár, youth u. 9. activity: booking.

Data controller to release the account of the Customer, Guest transmit data provided by the Customer, for Guest. Marking the purpose of data transmission: the client, Guest accounts for exhibition, Customer data management by, billing address provided by Guest, In case of electronic invoice Customer, Guest-defined e-mail address to send.

The controller also issued by the Guest of Miskolc Mayor's Office of Tax Office- Local tax and mandatory records kept by the occupying guest house guests for the prescribed time, customer data.

4. The scope of personal data processed

The guest book of the guests must provide the following mandatory personal data:

Guest's name,
Guest Place and date of birth,
The Guest's passport, Number of identity card or driving license,
The date and time of arrival,
Departure date and time,
The number of guest nights spent,
Guest or signature,
issued bills, Cash payment account, receipt number.
The - hereinafter: Website - Customer Base, Guest information for any service provided free by registering (services, etc.. description) In order to fulfill stores, However, no commercial use them to pass the controller, no other purpose - the Customer, Guest absence of explicit consent - is not entitled to.

When you visit the Website, one or more cookies - a small packet of information, sent from the server to the browser, then the browser to the server sends back all, During directed to the server's request - sent to the Customer, Guest PC, which(A) Through its browser will be individually identifiable. only those cookies to improve your user experience, Automating the login process, operate in order to measure the effectiveness of advertising and activities.

5. The legal basis of data management, the method and purpose

5.1. The data processing of the voluntary Internet content on the Website users, appropriate information will be based on statement, Statement that includes the express consent of users to, their personal data provided are used during registration. The legal basis of data management is the voluntary consent of the person concerned. The User expressly consent to the adoption of the following prior knowledge of the treatment of this data as indicated above in respect of data protection rules - for ticking the checkbox for - or use of the Website, with registration, the data in question give voluntary giving. User gives explicit and voluntary consent by ticking the box in order to do so, Service for the purpose of marketing materials, Send requests with ads.

5.2. The purpose of processing (pl. Ensuring the provision of services) . The Service Provider Customer, data provided by guest is assigned, stores in order to fulfill the order and any resulting future proof terms of the contract. client, Guest registering on the website, or contributes to messaging, felhasználhassuk that personal information for the following purposes:


  • Send Newsletter
  • data processing for marketing purposes
  • Send offer

entered during the registration e-mail addresses (E-mail address) by the next way of using a controller: Managing e-mail addresses to identify the customer, while using the services of contact targets, or the customer is used for sending newsletters. Data management services provided by it, as well as information on other similar services of an electronic form, delivers email to clients. Customer data management, Guest sending explicit consent given during registration e-mail address for marketing purposes, newsletters with their own similar services or advertising.

by way of using a controller provided during the booking number in the following: Manage identification number during the ordering process possible, used to contact targets.

The client, Guest information is treated partially implemented computer data processing means.

5.3. The purpose of the data to be automatically recorded statistically-making, Technical development of the IT system, protecting users' rights.

5.4. The data controller of the personal information you provide can not be used for different purposes of objectives wrote these points. Prior to the users - personal data to a third party or by issuing authorities - unless the law provides otherwise binding, only possible with the consent expressed.

5.5. Data Manager will not check the specified personal information. the suitability of the information provided is granted exclusively to the person responsible. any Customer, Guest also the customer's responsibility to enter the e-mail address, to the specified email address he only takes service. associated with an entry in your e-mail address from any responsibility for only the user view of this responsibility, who registered e-mail address.

6. Duration of data management

6.1. Treatment of mandatory data provided during the sign begins with check-in and store it to force, Tax law is relevant deadline set. In case of optional data in the data management in the data specifying the date of the data in question is deleted. changes to the data recorded during the inquiry, or cancellation of the Customer, Guest can initiate sent to us via e-mail.

6.2. The above provisions shall not affect the legal (pl. accounting regulations) fulfillment of the obligations specified retention.

7. The range of persons entitled to know details

7.1. The primary data services and internal services staff are entitled to know, However, they are not published, do not transfer to third parties.

7.2. operation of IT systems in the underlying, fulfillment of orders, settlement of accounts among processor Service (pl. system operator, accountant) It may take. Service is not responsible for the privacy practices of such external actors.

7.3. In addition to the above, the Customer, if only it laid down the law regarding transfers of personal data GUEST, or the Customer, It is subject to the consent Guest.

8. The client's rights

8.1. The client, Guest may at any time request information held by the Operator, personal data relating to him, Furthermore, you can always change them as stipulated in the GCC. client, Guest is entitled to cancel the request for data via the contact details given in this section.

8.2. Customer Service, Guest's request provides information relating to it, it manages data, the purpose of the data processing, legal basis, The duration of, also about, who received or will receive data and for what purpose. Provider of the submission of the application 30 Enter the requested information in writing within days.

8.3. The question of the rights exercised by the following contacts:
Mailing address: 3533 Miskolc, organization street 43.

The client, any guest, issues related to data management, or contact the Service at the above remark to a colleague availabilities.

8.4. The client, Guest may at any time to correct improperly recorded data, or to request their deletion. Some details of the Customer, Guest rectify itself on the Website; In other cases, services receipt of the request 3 delete the data within days, in this case they will not be restored again. The cancellation does not apply to legislation (pl. GAAP) Data based treatments needed, It retains the necessary period Service.

8.5. The client, guest, enforce its rights in court, You may also request the assistance of the Privacy Commissioner.

8.6. If the Customer, Guests use the service at check-in by a third-party data, or caused damage in any way the use of the Website, The Service Provider is entitled to the Customer, assert damages against guests. The Service provides all these cases he could help the competent authorities in order to establish the identity of the offender.

9. other provisions

9.1. Service system to collect data on the activity of users, which can not be linked with other data provided by the users at login, not generated when using other websites or services data.

9.2. In all cases, if the data provided by the Service Provider intends to use for purposes other than the original purpose of data collection, inform the user, and with the prior, obtains explicit consent, and afford an opportunity, to prohibit the use.

9.3. Service undertakes, to ensure the security of data, It also takes technical measures, to ensure that, the recorded, saved, and treated data be protected against, or will do its best, to prevent their destruction, unauthorized use and unauthorized alteration. Also commits, to any third party, whom the data may be forwarded or transferred, also it calls this direction to meet its obligations.

9.4. Service Provider reserves the right, Customers that these Rules, Customers with prior notice to amend unilaterally. Following the entry into force of the amendment of the Customer, Guests using the service accepts the modified Rules available implicitly.